HIDROGRADNJA is a company founded in Osijek in 1992. During the course of more than 25 years of continuous business, we are today technically fully equipped and professionally trained for performing business activities in the field of hydraulic and civil engineering. As a result of our current work and development, Hidrogradnja is today a reliable and strong business partner who achieves outstanding results in terms of quality, expertise and efficiency in the performance of its activities.


New promenade: Workers lay “a mattress” into Drava River

The promenade will have an auditorium with 240 seats to hold all kinds of cultural events on the floating stage

It is very lively on the construction sites that should connect the east and west of the city of Osijek along the Drava River. Everything is teeming with workers, and attractive works are capturing the attention of citizens who can already clearly see the vista of the new promenade.

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Procedure for removal of excess deposits from the Drava river in order to reduce flood risks

Due to the large amount of river sediment, and the long-term ban on the necessary regulation of watercourses, the Drava River meanders uncontrollably, and there is a continuous collapse of riverbanks with the creation of larger shoals and reefs in the riverbed. The consequence of these processes is a significant reduction in the flow profile of the watercourse on certain sections that seriously increase the risk of floods when a larger water wave arrives and also threaten with the formation of ice barriers in the winter months which would prevent the navigation on the Drava River.

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Construction of the port for passenger ships on the right bank of the Drava river in the city of Osijek

On the right bank of the Drava River in Osijek from rkm 21 + 280 to rkm 21 + 800 on the Upper Drava promenade, between the piers of Galija and Vodenica, we are performing works on the construction of a PORT FOR PASSENGER SHIPS. The client for this project is the Port of Osijek Authority, which will use this project to ensure the smooth reception of international river cruisers and other smaller passenger vessels on the Drava River in Osijek.

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The planning of the right riverbank of the Drava river in the city of Osijek

One of the capital projects of „Hrvatske Vode“, the state entity for water management, is the project of spatial planning and construction of the riverbanks of the Drava River in the city of Osijek. For our firm, this is precisely the “core business” for which we specialize, where our professional staff has extensive experience and for which we possess the construction and floating machinery and all the other necessary equipment for the execution of these works.

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Building the municipal port “MARINA” in the city of Vukovar

The “Marina“ municipal port on the Danube River in Vukovar was built as a temporary facility for berths for recreational boats of the citizens of Vukovar. The contractor and the investor is the Port Authority of Vukovar.

The “Marina” municipal port consists of two pontoon piers – the first allows mooring for 140 boats and the second pontoon serves as a support for the access bridge and as a protection against alluvial debris:

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