The “Marina“ municipal port on the Danube River in Vukovar was built as a temporary facility for berths for recreational boats of the citizens of Vukovar. The contractor and the investor is the Port Authority of Vukovar.

The “Marina” municipal port consists of two pontoon piers – the first allows mooring for 140 boats and the second pontoon serves as a support for the access bridge and as a protection against alluvial debris:

  • Pontoon pier for mooring, placed parallel to the coast, in the length of 255 meter
  • Pontoon pier for protection against alluvial debris, which stretches in a perpendicular line to the coast, in the length of 60 meters

The mooring system of these pontoon piers is made of Ø 457 mm outer diameter steel piles with the wall thickness of 28 mm, wedged into the Danube basin. The purpose of the system is to bind the gate horizontally but to allow vertical displacement of the pontoon due to the oscillation of the water level. The total height of each pile is 25 m and the drill depth is 60 m above sea level. Each pontoon is set with one pile in its center and each pile is attached to the pier by a sliding juncture with clamps. An access bridge is installed so that future users can access the pontoons from the river bank.

The particularity of building this facility is that the pier is off the shoreline, and all the works had to be carried out on an open waterway, by using our watercrafts. The professionals employed at our company, along with our business partners, have set up a special way of executing these works in the open watercourse of the Danube River, without having the access from the shoreline.

All activities were carried out in accordance with the project, in line with the required quality and construction deadlines.