On the right bank of the Drava River in Osijek from rkm 21 + 280 to rkm 21 + 800 on the Upper Drava promenade, between the piers of Galija and Vodenica, we are performing works on the construction of a PORT FOR PASSENGER SHIPS. The client for this project is the Port of Osijek Authority, which will use this project to ensure the smooth reception of international river cruisers and other smaller passenger vessels on the Drava River in Osijek.

The project includes the construction and installation of a waterway / pontoon along the riverbank with all the prescribed technical facilities for the reception of ships and passengers, facilities for border police and customs, and an access bridge from the shore. As part of the works, we are reconstructing a part of the coastline which includes the construction of mooring bollards and two anchor AB blocks for anchoring the fairway. In order to ensure sufficient navigable depth of the Drava River at the location of the pier, we removed the excess deposits from the watercourse with our floating machinery.