A large infrastructure project of the construction and reconstruction of the existing northern collector of the city is being carried out in Osijek. The route of the northern collector stretches for the most part along the right bank of the river Drava, and the project also includes the construction and a city-type reconstruction of the old right embankment of the river.

Our firm is carrying out the construction and reconstruction of the embankment, as well as the filling in of the terrain on the sections of the railway from the railway bridge to the old “Tranzit” port (section 6), and from the old “Tranzit” port to the Osijek’s decommissioned leather factory “Kožara” (sections 2 and 3).

As part of our activities, we have completed the construction of a brand new city-type embankment with concrete blocks and access staircases, and we have filled in the area with over 20,000 m3 of sand. The work at section 6 has also been completed.

Downstream from the old “Tranzit” port, at sections 2 and 3, we have removed the old embankment and started to construct a new one, which is somewhat relocated into the Drava River in order to increase the coastal corridor for building the collector and the river-bank promenade.

As part of the planned activities we are carrying out the laying of the stabilization mattresses, the construction of the stone embankment dam, the laying of the stone into the concrete crown and the embankment slope, all the concrete and reinforcement work needed for constructing concrete beams and staircases, the filling in of the shore and constructing the lining of the embankment out of brick blocks.