Within the project of Water Utility Infrastructure Improvement of the city of Vukovar, a Wastewater Treatment Facility of the Town of Vukovar has been constructed with a capacity of 42,000 ES. Our firm agreed to build the first stage of the plant, which included the construction of the embankment, the arrangement of the plateaus and the construction of the gabion wall. We started with the construction activities in late 2016.

This has been an extensive work, largely carried out by our floating vessels, because the project called for us to build a completely new embankment at a location where there was an open watercourse of the river Danube before construction began.

In order for us to build the new river coast, it was necessary to lay over 14,000 m2 of stone stabilization mattress into the watercourse of the Danube River, to install over 30,000 m3 of stone into the new embankment dam and to fill the plateau with over 250,000 m3 of sand. After completion of the plateau, we have also constructed a 450 m long gabion wall for the protection of the wastewater treatment facility.

All activities stated in the contract were carried out independently by HIDROGRADNJA, utilising our own vessels and other construction machinery. All of the work was done using our own employees who have a long experience doing this sort of work, under the expert guidance of our own construction engineering team.

Digging, transport and hydraulic embedding of sand into the plateau of the new embankment has been carried out by our self-propelled suction dredger PAPUK, with a volume of 250 m3. Unfortunately, due to the many years of neglect and the inability to exploit the sand from the watercourse in the Republic of Croatia, we were forced to purchase and import the sand from the Republic of Serbia. The sand is also excavated from our own river Danube, but from the site adjacent to the river coast of this neighbouring country.