One of the largest infrastructural projects of the state entity for water management –“Hrvatske vode” – in the region of Slavonia is the OSIJEK PROJECT, where the Wastewater Treatment Facility in Nemetin, with the capacity of 170,000 ES, is the most important object. By joining the renewed sewerage network of Osijek and suburban areas with the newly built northern collector and bringing all wastewater into the Nemetin Wastewater Treatment Facility, the Drava River and its natural environment will cease to be contaminated by pollution.

Our firm is carrying out the activities of the first phase of the construction of Wastewater Treatment Facility of Osijek, which includes the construction of the embankment and the plateau where the building of the planned objects and of the facility will begin.

The construction of the 440 m long embankment is being carried out independently by us – the project managers are our construction engineers, and the activities are being carried out by the competent workers of HIDROGRADNJA with the help of our vessels and other construction engineering machinery.

As part of the construction of the Wastewater Treatment Facility of Osijek, we are carrying out the construction and embedding of 11,000 m2 of stabilization stone mattress, the construction of 14,000 m3 of stone embankment dam and the construction of 30,000 m3 of the earthen bulwark of the embankment.

The activities are being carried out according to the project documentation, in line with the contractually set quality and the agreed performance dynamic.