As part of the above-mentioned contract, HIDROGRADNJA, a firm working for its contractor OSIJEK KOTEKS, continues its activities on ensuring the protection of the shore on the left bank of the river Drava near the village of Petrijevac.

A major problem in the execution of the workload is the “impact” of the water on the left bank of the River Drava, where a part of the river-bank must be filled in with the stone material in order to stop further soil erosion, while the other part of the section needs an excavation of large quantities of material so that the projected line on the coast can be achieved. Shore protection is achieved through the creation of a protective stabilization mattress which is about 450 m long. All activities are performed by the employees of HIDROGRADNJA, using  “Velebit” sailboats and other machinery, for in order to achieve a better and faster performance.