In the part of Brdo-Sjever of Beli Manastir, the construction of a main collector of the wastewater system was completed, which in turn meant that the construction of the existing sewage network has come to completion as well.

HIDROGRADNJA as a firm working for the contractor BARANJSKI VODOVOD, has built 3.066,00 meters of collectors and enabled the connection to the sewerage network for 176 users with this project alone. The collector was made of polypropylene ribbed tubes, with a diameter DN/ID 300 and 400 mm, mostly laid on the road surface.

At the end of the activities, all the streets where the work was done were asphalted throughout the width of the pavement, which greatly contributed to the raising of the standard of living in the part of the Beli Manastir where the construction was performed.