The promenade will have an auditorium with 240 seats to hold all kinds of cultural events on the floating stage

It is very lively on the construction sites that should connect the east and west of the city of Osijek along the Drava River. Everything is teeming with workers, and attractive works are capturing the attention of citizens who can already clearly see the vista of the new promenade.


The three contractors on these construction sites, the companies Hidrogradnja, Vuka and Osijek Koteks, have affirmed that the works are being done according to plan. We visited the construction sites and stated that this is indeed the case. On the Lower Drava promenade, the amphitheater stairs are already in full profile, and in recent days the inhabitants of the district “Donji grad” have been watching with interest the workers stabilizing the edge of the riverbed and carrying out a long-awaited project to widen the route by as much as 12 meters. After years of waiting, the local population is now regaining faith that the “new promenade” will truly come to life by the end of 2021.

“As part of the project, we are carrying out works on the construction of a new city-type fortification, which moves the regulation line of the coast about 12 meters into the Drava riverbed. This ensures the expansion of the protective coastal belt on which we will build the Lower Drava promenade, a landscaped promenade with a bike path, greenery and rest areas. Anti-flood AB walls with seven openings for access to the Drava riverbank from the connecting streets of the district “Donji grad” will be built on the entire stretch of the new bank fortification. Activities are currently underway to lay a stabilization “mattress” into the Drava riverbed. By the end of this year, we plan to build a new stone foot of the coastal fortification and the new city-type fortification up to the height of the middle beam along the entire length of the section. The project for the construction of the third sub-section of the right bank of the Drava River in Osijek, as well as the previous, second sub-section, contains all the necessary elements for the construction of the Drava River fortification designed to protect against harmful effects of water and floods in the district of “Donji grad”. It also contains distinctively planned units which will significantly contribute to the development and planning of the entire city of Osijek, especially by improving the living conditions along the Drava River for the citizens of this district “, said the general manager of Hidrogradnja, Nenad Cigić.

He added that the special feature of this section is the cascading access to the shore, i.e. the auditorium on the Drava River, which is being built right next to the square and which will bring new content to the city of Osijek. “The auditorium has a capacity of about 240 seats and can be used to hold all kinds of cultural events on the floating stage,” said Cigić.

The officials of Hidrogradnja also added that the works are in full swing on the construction site of the old “Tranzit” port, which is the second sub-section of the larger project of connecting the upper and lower parts of the town along the Drava River. “On the construction site of the second sub-section during this year, the plan is to build an additional 100 meters of new embankment to the height of the middle beam and to fill the newly built breakwater with bulk material,” announced Cigić.

By Ivana Solar

(published in Glas Slavonije)


(photo Z. Pušić, Glas Slavonije)