Construction of the New and Reconstruction of the Existing Northern Collector of the City of Osijek

A large infrastructure project of the construction and reconstruction of the existing northern collector of the city is being carried out in Osijek. The route of the northern collector stretches for the most part along the right bank of the river Drava, and the project also includes the construction and a city-type reconstruction of the old right embankment of the river.

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Construction of the “G” Barrier on the Drava River

At the beginning of this year, a bit earlier than the agreed construction deadline, our firm has successfully completed the workload concerning the project “CONSTRUCTION OF THE “G” BARRIER” stretching to the height of 85.5 meters above sea level.

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Flood Defence – Protection and Rescue Exercise in 2015

HIDROGRADNJA has participated in training approx. one hundred people in a simulated flood protection exercise during which rabbit dams were built in the village of Kopačevo. The aim of this field exercise was to coordinate the actions of all participants involved in the protection and rescue system by implementing flood protection measures, which would ensure the evacuation and taking care of endangered people and animals alike.

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The Beginning of the Pre-emptive, Regular and Extraordinary Flood Protection at the Defenced Area no. 34

HIDROGRADNJA d.o.o. Osijek has signed the Master Agreement with its client – “Hrvatske vode” – for actions of pre-emptive, regular and extraordinary flood protection in the defenced area no. 34; the interstate rivers of Drava and Danube in small catchment areas of Baranja, Karašica-Vučica and the county channel for the period of 4 (four) years, from 2015 till 2018.

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Completion of the Construction of the Lateral Channel Kneževi Vinogradi – Zmajevac

As a part of the construction of the multipurpose system of the lateral channel Kneževi Vinogradi – Zmajevac with a total length of 12.3 km, HIDROGRADNJA has successfully completed the contracted part of its workload within the given deadline. We have carried out activities on the construction of the channel route and the construction of the embankments with the help of our competent employees and construction engineers who served as project managers.

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