One of the capital projects in the city of Vukovar, carried out by “Hrvatske vode”, the state entity for water management, in cooperation with the city’s administration, is the project of spatial planning and construction of the Vuka River and the coastal line in the area of Vukovar, from the estuary into the Danube to the Bobota Channel. The total length of the project is 3.64 km.

Our firm, in cooperation with its partners, carries out the first and second phase of the Vuka riverbank and riverbed construction in the center of Vukovar in the length of 400 meters from the estuary of the Vuka River into the Danube. A part of the project is the construction of a rubber enclosure in the riverbed of Vuka River, which will ensure a constant minimum water level of the Vuka River up to 3 meters deep at the time of the Danube’s low water levels in the future.

The activities include the removal of old buildings and the construction of new shore on both banks of the Vuka River, the construction of stone embankment dam and lining of concrete blocks, mud removal and profiling of the Vuka riverbed, filling the upper embankment slope with earth, and the construction of access staircases from the high shore to the Vuka riverbed.

The contracted workload is performed by our employees with machines and equipment owned by our company under the expert guidance of construction site engineers.