Our firm, beside other activities, is an authorized company specialized for conducting all water management procedures. We are professionally trained and have all the necessary technical equipment consisting of construction machinery, vessels, vehicles and other accessories for carrying out these sort of actions.
Over the past few years, we have successfully carried out CLEANING, MUD REMOVAL AND DREDGING OF HARBOURS, FILLING AND ARRANGING OF SAND BEACHES AT THE SEASIDE by using the WATERMASTER multipurpose floating dredger.With the latest WATERMASTER technology and its equipment, we can, at a very high quality, perform:

  • Submarine excavation of mud and sand material:
    – excavation with a dredge pump with a rotary cultivator to a depth of 2.50 (5.00) m
    – disposal of excavated material through the hydraulic pipeline up to 400 m from excavation site (even further on special request),
    – daily excavation capacity of 300-500 m3 per day
  • Submarine excavation of material using a dredger with a disposal of the material on the side,
  • Removing vegetation from water areas and shores (water lilies, reeds, etc.)

With the use of special additional tools, we are able to execute pulling down of wooden and steel pilots, breaking down smaller underwater rocks, removing submersible objects, etc.

By using the WATERMASTER multipurpose floating dredger, we have achieved a very high efficiency, resulting in a short run of work and a reasonable price for the customer.

A good example of these activities is the cleansing and deepening of the FOŠA HARBOUR IN ZADAR, where we have removed the bulk of the litter from the bottom of the harbour and made a deepening of approx. two meters by removing the mud and disposing of it by using a pressure pipeline which carried it to a greater depth out in the sea to a distance of approx. 300 meters.

Particularly worth mentioning is the beach arrangement of the VILLA RITA COVE in UMAG, where we have used one meter layer of sand from the sea to turn a completely inaccessible rocky beach into the main sandy beach of Umag.

When carrying out these activities, we strictly monitor the quality of work and take into account the environmental protection for which we have ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.