“Hrvatske vode”, in cooperation with the town of Belišće, provided the funding for the renewal of its artificial kayak trail. The trail, on which our legendary athlete Matija Ljubek also trained, was not used since the start of the Homeland War. With the passage of time, the trail became completely muddy, surrounded by trees and other vegetation, and utterly inaccessible.

HIDROGRADNJA has carried out all the activities of cutting and removing the vegetation, dredging and excavating the trail and constructing the perimeter dams and slopes around the entire kayak course. A downhill ramp for launching and pulling in the boats was also made on the access road leading up to the trail.

All works were carried out independently by HIDROGRADNJA, utilising its own construction machinery and employees, with the expert guidance of the construction engineers.

The completed activities have provided the required depth of water and the necessary dimensions of the kayak path and the access to the water through the downhill ramp for boats. The surrounding environment was arranged so as to serve as a base for trekking, walking and other recreational and sports activities for the citizens of the town of Belišće and its surrounding areas.