Construction work

We offer performance of works at the sea, on rivers and on lakes with a multi-purpose floating dredger WATERMASTER and the belonging equipment. Examples:

  • Underwater and undersea excavation of sandy and muddy materials:
    • Excavation with a suction pump with a tiller to a depth of 2.50 (5.00) m
    • Disposal of excavated material through hydraulic pipes up to 400 m from the excavation site (on special request even further),
    • Daily excavation capacity of 300-500 m3 per day
  • Submarine excavation of material using a dredger shovel with disposal of the material to the side,
  • Removing vegetation from water surfaces and shores (water lilies, reeds, etc.)

With the use of special additional equipment, we are able to execute levelling of wooden and steel pilots, breaking down smaller underwater rocks and removing submersible objects, etc.