One of the capital projects of „Hrvatske Vode“, the state entity for water management, is the project of spatial planning and construction of the riverbanks of the Drava River in the city of Osijek. For our firm, this is precisely the “core business” for which we specialize, where our professional staff has extensive experience and for which we possess the construction and floating machinery and all the other necessary equipment for the execution of these works.

At present, the construction of the second subsection of the right bank of the Drava River from rkm 16 + 428 to rkm 19 + 300 is in full swing in the city of Osijek, where our firm HIDROGRADNJA d.o.o. Osijek is the main contractor.

The aim of this project is the execution of construction and reconstruction works of the regulatory and protective water structures for the purpose of flood protection, flow fixing and stabilization of the banks of the Drava River at the subsection of the old “Tranzit” Port from rkm 17 + 800 to rkm 18 + 800.

At this section, we perform construction works on the riverbank embankment of the city-type, the breakwater and the pedestrian-bicycle communication at the crown of the embankment.

A distinctive feature which presents an additional challenge for our firm is the complex nature of the construction of a breakwater in the open watercourse of the Drava River, which is 277 meters in length with a 3.55 meter wide footpath and involves staircases along the slopes of the breakwater, an access ramp and all the elements of the future passenger dock (niches, access bridge support and bollards).

With the completion of this project, the city of Osijek will have a modern, safe and orderly riverbank of the Drava River, a promenade and a cycle path with all its urban equipment, and the city district “Donji grad” will also have a new winter port.