As a part of the construction of the multipurpose system of the lateral channel Kneževi Vinogradi – Zmajevac with a total length of 12.3 km, HIDROGRADNJA has successfully completed the contracted part of its workload within the given deadline. We have carried out activities on the construction of the channel route and the construction of the embankments with the help of our competent employees and construction engineers who served as project managers. We have also been using a significant part of our engineering machinery; two CAT 325 LONG REACH hydraulic excavators, two CAT 323 hydraulic excavators, the NEW HOLAND 157 KW bulldozer, a 10-ton vibrating roller, and a 335 KW Mercedes Actros truck. The second part of the activities – mud removal and cleaning of the Danube drainage channel with the construction of the stone lining along the pumping station was carried out using our multipurpose WATERMASTER Classic III dredger.